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Specialists in communicating the value of new research and developments, new discoveries that emerge every day that make us rely on the enormous capacity of human beings, and that in communicating them will contribute to knowledge and a greater scientific culture.

Because we seek excellence, we are passionate about presenting the findings and discoveries of the men and women of our time who push the frontiers of knowledge and are capable of transforming the world.

Trust us with the results of your research and we will disseminate them so that they reach society.

We have accumulated a great experience generating science news for media platforms. We count on our extensive network of correspondents throughout all autonomous communities.

Leading research organizations have long trusted in the quality of the audiovisual content we produce.

"Río Tinto Mars on Earth", produced by COM4HD for Discovery Communications USA, produced with NASA scientists, put our Martian story on the world map and was the first Spanish documentary simultaneously released in 147 countries.