Who we are


COM4 S.A. was created in 1989 as an independent television production company. In its commitment to new technologies, in 1990 COM4 S.A. joined GEIE VISION 1250, the European Group of Economic Interest created by the Commission of the Communities of the European Union for the development of HD, and is integrated into it with the BBC, TF1, FR3, CANAL + FRANCE, TDF, A2, TVE, RTP and other EBU members; the European independent production companies RTL, THAMES TELEVISION, SFP, RTI and UNITEL; broadcasting authorities such as Deutsche Bundespost Telekom, France Télécom, Retevisión and manufacturers of HDTV equipment like THOMSON, PHILIPS BTS and NOKIA.

From the time of its admission, COM4 added the initials HD to its name and became one of the most dynamic HD companies in Europe, thus recognized by European institutions as like the Directorate General X Information Culture and Communication, the Directorate General XIII Technology and Telecommunication of the Commission of EU Communities and by major HD equipment manufacturers THOMSON, BTS and SONY, for which COM4HD experimented with the prototypes and pre-series of their HD equipment in actual productions and in complex situations.

In 1991, COM4HD made a documentary film for the Spain Pavilion at the EXPO'92 in HD, entitled "High Definition from Spain", with an aerial shot of images in HDTV 1250/50 for the first time in the world. The production, for which COM4HD developed its own technology, was held with the collaboration of the Spanish Ministry of Defense. Also in 1991 COM4HD produced in HD the documentary film “WINDOWS OF PEACE” on the Middle East Peace Conference held in Madrid with the participation of great world leaders, nominated at the 1992 Tokyo International Electronic Film Festival and presented at HDTV Word Las Vegas of the USA the same year. Both productions demonstrated the international recognition of COM4HD in the HD field.

At the technological peak with the use of HD in the production of content for different genres, it initiated an internationalization strategy with participation in the main international conventions, markets and festivals of the sector, establishing business relations with TV channels and production companies worldwide from the start.

Throughout nearly three decades the company has produced in HD numerous programs and series for TV, documentaries and programs on scientific and cultural divulgation, corporate and institutional content, the production of large events, the development and co-production of TV projects, spots, concerts, museographic content, etc., having migrated to 4K quality, guaranteeing to our clients maximum technical quality serving the content of all our productions.

In the last decade, with the development of online audiovisual communication, we have worked with organizations and institutions creating products designed for dissemination in large media as well as on the Internet and social networks in any format which technology makes available to users, offering them an integral communication plan and always carrying out high quality production.

In COM4HD we have invested from the beginning in stories of interest inside and outside our borders and that has made possible our international broadcasts and our contents reaching the whole world. Our main asset is a highly qualified team consisting of professionals from different fields of the audiovisual industry, with extensive experience in the sector and prepared to deal with all types of projects with creative solutions capable of satisfying the communication needs of our clients.